Reducing the Heat in Your Attic: Reflective Insulation and Radiant Barrier

The attic is one of the hottest places in your home during the summer months. The attic temperature can reach 120 degrees, which makes it uncomfortable to be in and results in more energy wasted from your Air Conditioning system. This article will explain how reflective insulation and radiant barrier work to reduce attic heat gain and air conditioning costs!

What Is Reflective Insulation?

Reflective insulation is a process of insulating your home, especially your attic, with a material that reflects the sun’s heat away from your house in summer and your home’s heat back into your house in winter.

Reflective insulation consists of a reflective foil that reflects heat and an attic barrier to prevent the metal from touching anything inside. The radiant protective attic layer is sandwiched between two layers of high-density polyethylene for durability. Homeowners can install barrier attic panels on top of existing insulation or as part of attic insulation installation.

It consists of aluminum foil, which reflects the sun’s rays and keeps the attic cool in summer. In winter, it also helps reflect heat from your home so that you can keep your house warmer by turning down the thermostat setting! 

The reflective attic insulation will last for years with minimal upkeep because there are no exposed surfaces or materials that can wear out. 

The attic reflective insulation is a great way to reduce attic temperature gain and keep your home comfortable!

It will help you stay cool in the summer because when heat from outside hits, the sun’s rays are reflected back into space as opposed to being absorbed by your attic. In winter, this process also helps keep heat inside your home.

Reflective insulation material is a thin reflective aluminum foil that reflects 97% of the attic heat back outside. It’s installed on top of your attic roof and covered with plywood or OSB sheeting, which serves as an attic floor. The radiant barrier reduces attic heat gain by reflecting the sun’s rays and keeps it cooler inside. 

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What Is A Radiant Barrier, And How Is It Used?

The attic radiant barrier is a durable, reflective foil that reflects 97% of the sun’s rays back outside. It’s installed on top of your attic floor and covered with plywood or OSB sheeting which serves as an attic roof.

The attic radiant barrier works in the same way as reflective insulation by reflecting solar energy back to its source, but it also provides added benefits that help keep attic temperatures low and reduce air conditioning costs. 

It is made of aluminum foil on a polyester film with an adhesive backing for easy installation. Radiant barriers are available in various widths and lengths to fit any attic.

Radiant Barrier: Radiant barriers are made of metalized, reflective plastics. They can be installed in a number of ways, such as mounting on attic framing or installing under attic insulation then over sheetrock. This works well for those who don’t want any mess due to the adhesive backing needed for radiant barrier installation. 

Types Of Reflective Barriers Designs

The different types or designs of reflecting barriers include attic radiant barriers, attic insulation reflective barriers, and exterior sunscreens.

-Attic Radiant Barrier: This type of reflector is excellent for those who do not want any mess due to adhesive backing needed for installation because it can be mounted on attic framing or attic insulation then over sheetrock. 

-Exterior Sun Screen Reflective Barriers: These are for those who want radiant barriers outside of the attic, but they can be expensive.

-Attic Insulation Reflective Barrier: This type of reflective barrier is cheaper than exterior sunscreens, and it’s easier to install because adhesive backing is not needed. 

Price should not be the only consideration when deciding on which of these types to use in your attic. There are other factors to consider. 

If you desire to make your home more comfortable and also want to save cost on running your heating or cooling system, we can help you.

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