Lack of Garage Insulation is Costing You More in Utilities

If you want to save money on your energy bills, then it’s time to think about garage insulation. The garage is often overlooked as a place where people work on their vehicles and store things they don’t use very often. But if the garage doesn’t have enough insulation, not only will it be uncomfortable to spend time in, but it can also lead to higher utility costs. A1 Home Insulators can help you with this problem by installing blown-in cellulose injected into the garage ceiling or adding more insulation between layers of drywall for an unfinished attic space.

Garage Wall Insulation

The walls in your garage need to be air sealed and insulated, especially the wall (or walls) attaching the garage to the house. After the sealing and insulation, they should then be finished with fire-resistant drywall.

At A1 Home Insulation, we can have one of our professionals come over and inspect your garage for insulation and carry out an energy audit. If no insulation is installed, this is an opportunity to help you save money on your utility bills by installing new blown-in insulation through holes in the wall. If insulation is installed, there may be an opportunity to add more insulation between layers of drywall for an unfinished attic space.

After the inspection and audit, our specialists can tell you what will work best for your individual needs. They can also offer advice on how much it will cost and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Garage Ceiling Insulation

The ceiling in your garage needs to be air-sealed and insulated. This will help keep the temperature warm in winter and cool in summer and reduce noise from upstairs living spaces.

At A1 Home Insulation, we install various insulation types tailored to different climates, including blown-in cellulose insulation. We offer free estimates for garage insulation that includes a complete analysis of the wall and ceiling’s insulating properties, as well as your home’s energy efficiency ranking on our Energy Report Card.

Some buildings have been designed with faux ceilings to avoid installing metal joists to hold up drywall or tiles – but this can cause a lack of insulation. Other buildings have been designed with insulated ceilings, but the walls are not air-sealed and insulated, leading to cold drafts in winter or hot breezes in summer.

A loft insulation company like A1 Home Insulation will be able to tell how much garage insulation you need based on the size of your garage and the insulation in other parts of your home.

Many people have a detached garage or an attached garage with different floor levels, leading to heat loss when entering the house from either direction. A new installation will ensure that ceiling insulation is installed correctly, blocking any heating or cooling losses through the roofline.

Garage Exterior Door Insulation

A garage exterior door is another area that can cause house energy loss. The proper insulation will help keep the heat in your home and reduce wear and tear on your air conditioning system. When installing blown-in cellulose, we install a vapor barrier so that when you open or close the door to enter the garage, it doesn’t let any heat from the house escape.

A new installation will also help to eliminate any drafts that may come through the garage door, helping you save money on your energy bills.

Call us today at A1 Home Insulators, and we’ll send a professional to determine your exact needs and solutions right away.


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