Insulating the Basement: The Importance of it, and What to Use

What is the first thing you think of when it comes to home comfort? Is it a cozy fireplace, or perhaps an air-conditioned home during the summer months? Either way, your home is designed to keep you comfortable. But what about that basement area we all have in our home? Does this part of the home contribute to how warm or cool your house feels on any given day? The answer is yes! 

Insulating your basement is just as crucial as attic insulation. Insulating the basement will help maintain a more consistent temperature in your home and keep you from spending more than is needed for heating and cooling. There are many insulation options out there, but A1 Home Insulation has been installing basement insulation since (year) and knows which one works best for homeowners like you.

Before getting into the details of the materials to use in the basement, let’s understand why it is crucial to insulate your basement.

Why Should You Insulate Your Basement?

The following are some reasons you should insulate your basement. 

– Consistent home temperature 

– Keeps you from spending more money on home heating and cooling costs. 

– Better home insulation = better home life quality!

The basement can be a place for high humidity, and it is essential to seal all those holes in the walls so that you don’t have any water coming through them. 

To keep your home insulated and comfortable, it is important to insulate the basement. We have materials for you to choose from that will work best with your home’s needs.

Material To Not Use In Basement Insulation

While the basement is an important part of the house to insulate, you should not install fiberglass batts for insulation in your basement and crawl spaces. The reasons for this include:

  • It will absorb moisture which can lead to mold and mildew.
  • While in the basement, it will be compressed, resulting in a loss of R-value and gaps in the installation due to displacement.
  • The loss in R-value means that you will have to install new insulation much earlier than you thought.

What Material Should You Use In Your Basement Insulation?

The best material, and which we recommend, to use in your basement is rigid foam. The most important reason to use rigid foam in your basement include:

  • It will not absorb moisture and can resist mold and mildew. 
  • The R-value is retained due to the rigid foam board’s thickness so that you won’t need another installation for a long time. 
  • You can use it in your crawl space too! So why don’t you call A home insulation today? We will come and do your basement insulation.
  • Increased energy efficiency resulting in cooler or warmer homes for a long time.
  • Savings on energy bills.

At A1 Home Insulation, we have various rigid foam products and technology to install in your basement wall and floor for maximum insulation. Some of them include SilverGlo™ and ThermalDry™.

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